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Ridgewell seek support for appeal
Deadline Expired: 18/09/01 [Update]
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Alert Braintree Council has issued two "Enforcement Notices" against the Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club. The Council has two issues.  They claim that:

1. the club has undertaken "building operations" without having planning permission;

2. the club is using some land without having planning permission.

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Action The defence is simple:

1. The club had legal advice that the structures they complain of are not buildings and did not involve "building operations" because they are mobile, being a caravan, two containers on wheels, and a mobile glider store. You will have seen examples of most of these used in all sorts of places without being classed as buildings. The glider store is unique, but it is on wheels, and stands on no foundation. It can be and has been towed round the airfield, and it has been moved elsewhere off site and back again.

2. The disputed land had been used for more than ten years, which in law makes its use legal. The Council originally told the club it had planning permission anyway, but they have since changed their mind - they let the club carry on, telling them that they had no objection, until ten years was exceeded, then decided to serve a Notice.

If you would like to help the club, you can write (paper, not email, please) to:

The Planning Inspectorate,
3/06a Kite Wing,
Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Temple Quay,
BS1  6PN

It is essential to quote the appeal reference number: "APP/Z1510/C/01/1062084-7".

Please send your letter(s) to reach there by 18th September 2001 if possible.  Our Appeal is to be heard on October 2nd, but letters later that 18th September may not be heeded by the government Inspector who takes the Public Inquiry.

Please pass on to any friends and neighbours who might also be willing to write in support of the club.  Separate letters from people in one household all count, as do more that one letter in one envelope.

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More Info Please write in your own words, but some of the points you may wish to make are:

Caravans and containers are mobile.

You have seen photograhic evidence that they and the glider store can move and have been moved.

Whether you think it common sense that such things can be regarded as "building operations"

You have seen log sheet evidence of gliding use on some Sundays between 30.12.90 and 21st February 2001, which shows use over ten years ago.

Whether you think it is a good use of the Council Tax payers money to have an expensive legal case when the evidence is there and could have been simply decided upon in a meeting.  (This may matter to you if you pay Council Tax to Braintree District Council).

Whether you think the Gliding Club is a good or bad thing for the district.

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