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Sherlowe Airstrip Planning Application
Deadline Expired: 10/01/02
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Alert Sherlowe Airstrip is located within the Shawbury MATZ. The owner was recently invited to apply for planning permission for a change of use from agricultural to private airstrip. This appeal is made in the context of a "sensationalist report indicating that the strip would be made available for 'public use' and using language designed to incite opposition to the plan" printed in the local evening paper. Within a week an opposition action group had been formed and local residents were being badgered to sign petitions. Letters of objection from residents up to 5 miles away were sent to the planners and reasons were based mainly on hysteria and non-factual information. Latest information indicates that the council has in excess of 60 letters opposing the strip, so a positive counter statement is very important.
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Action The owner is requesting letters of support to be written in the next day or two, and has issued the following appeal...

"In order to enable planners to properly assess the application it is important for supporters to make their views known...I am therefore asking for your help by requesting you send a letter of support to the Local Planning Authority. Reasons for your support should be given and may include:-

- No other grass strips of this type in the local area;
- Strip is operated in a safe and considerate manner;
- Larger G.A. airfields in the area are tending to squeeze out light aircraft in favour of business and commercial traffic;
- Superb location, being in a relatively lightly populated area."

The address to write to is...
Area Planning Officer
Telford & Wrekin Council
Darby House
P.O. Box 212
Lawn Central

The reference to quote is...
Sherlowe Airstrip W2001/0996

Letters of support need not be long or involved. Simply state politely and in your own words your support for the strip and your reasons why. This will go a long way to redressing any false and negative impessions given to the planners by the opposition campaign.

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More Info The strip has "operated successfully for over 2 years with no problems from neighbours and received many compliments and messages of commendation." In September the Local Planning Authority invited the strip owner to apply for permission to formally change the use of the land from agricultural to a private airstrip. This was instigated as a result of a neighbour reporting the strip for exceeding the '28 day rule'. Discussions with the Planning Officer indicated no problems for this to be done and the application was duly submitted. Hence the planning battle now underway.
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