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Action for Airfields - Supporters network helping to support airfields now and for the future Action for Airfields - Supporters network helping to support airfields now and for the future

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13/07/02 News
News from the GAAC
"The GAAC is the body recognised by the Department for Transport as speaking for GA on planning matters."

If you've not heard of the GAAC, or are not aware of what they do on behalf of GA, why not take a look at their web site, or better still subscribe to their e-mail newsletter? The latest issue summarises their work to include "...making representations to central government to ensure that GA is recognised in relevant official circles and also responding to any Government consultation documents that have a bearing on GA...monitoring County Structure Plans, District Local Plans and even Local Transport Plans continues in the hands of our Planning Co-ordinator."

Unfortunately after 10 years in their posts and having "reached their dotage" the Chairman and Secretary have both decided to take well deserved retirement at the end of October. As they write "It is essential therefore that volunteers are found to keep the organisation running" and "New brooms are needed to sweep away some of the cobwebs and inject some new life into the organisation." If you feel able to volunteer your services to the GAAC please do get in touch with them.

The newsletter then goes on to summarise some of the current issues facing GA facilities and the invaluable work undertaken by the GAAC in presenting the case in support of GA, including...

  • The small airfields research project - a three year study sponsored by the GAAC and supported financially by the Department for Transport relating to the economic benefits of GA aerodromes to the community.
  • Airfield news including...
    • Bristol Airport allowing grandfather rights to existing GA users who were previously under notice to vacate;
    • With 3,550 objections Rochester is laying claim to be the subject of the biggest protest to a planning proposal in Britain this year;
    • North Weald under threat from housing development ambitions;
    • Hard runways are to be layed down at Sherburn-in-Elmet and Sywell;
    • Lawful Development Certificates being sought by East Haxted and granted to Rush Green;
    • Thirleby Fen seeking planning permission for a 1000m airstrip;
  • The Blaenau Gwent Structure Plan embodies word for word the GA planning policy proposed by the GAAC.
  • Since the AGM in April the GAAC Planning Coordinator has handled a further 7 Structure Plans, 9 Local Plans, 14 UDPs and 4 other plans.
  • The availability from the GAAC of the Planning and Operational Guidance for Flying Sites, an AOPA produced summary paper for the benefit of aerodrome operators and owners (potential and existing).  It looks at the establishment of new sites, proposed changes to existing operations, Lawful Development Certificates, planning applications, appeals and enforcement matters.
  • News of the GAAC's correspondence with the Minister for Aviation asking that "...central government should be more involved in the provision of a national network of GA aerodromes". This concludes with the observation that "...further educational effort is required to get the message through to a Government that is committed to an integrated transport policy that a network of aerodromes for the UK is part of the national transport infrastructure."

To view the full version of the July newsletter from the GAAC, and receive future GAAC newsletters by e-mail, see the news section of their web site at www.gaac.co.uk.

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If you have any airfield news you would like to share you can contact us via e-mail

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