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22/04/02 News
Response Summary to DTLR Noise Consultation
Back in September 2000 we issued an alert relating to the then DETR's consultation exercise on controlling noise from civil aircraft. This consultation posed a number of questions relating to how disturbance by noise from civil aircraft can be ameliorated. Specific questions included whether aerodromes should be given greater powers to regulate flying behaviour and whether local authorities should be given powers to compel aerodromes to implement noise amelioration schemes.

The DTLR has recently published a summary of responses, of which 589 were received from a range of interested parties. Amongst these, 43% were from individuals, about which the summary reports (emphasis is ours)...

"The majority of these responses were broadly in favour of the proposals and there were particular concerns that there should be protection against helicopters, aerobatics and microlight aircraft."


"Some respondents were concerned that proposed legislation would be detrimental to the aviation industry. They considered that aviation brought considerable economic benefit and there were concerns that local authorities would be unreasonably opposed to aviation."

Over 31% of responses were made by local authorities and environmental and residential organisations. The summary reports that...

"Many supported greater local authority involvement..."

...and that...

"There was some scepticism whether it was reasonable to expect aerodromes to apply and enforce sanctions on their own customers and some suggested that local authorities should take this role."

Aerodromes, airlines, consultative committees, airport users and aviation related organisations combined made up some 15% of responses.

Responses which expressed concern in relation to the questions asked included...

  • The importance of aerodromes to the national or regional economy;
  • The perceived lack of expertise within local authorities regarding aviation matters;
  • The susceptibility of local authorities to "...undue influence of vocal minorities and 'political bias'";
  • The role of section 106 agreements which currently permit conditions to be attached to planning permissions;
  • The impact of additional costs relating to noise measures, particularly on smaller aerodromes.

The government intends to announce its conclusions to this consultation on noise from civil aircraft in its Air Transport White Paper due to be published later this year.

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